Main Street Project Inc.

75 Martha Street
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Main Street Project Inc.

List of Services:

Crisis/Drop-In Services/Shelter Services/ Gap Services

Our Shelter and Crisis programs are designed to ensure nightly emergency respite and day drop in programing and services. MSP provides safe, respectful and non-judgmental services to those that are homeless, displaced, dealing with mental health issues or struggling with addictions. Individuals use our services daily for warm soup, a cup of coffee, clean cloths, receive mail, and connect with our Crisis Workers and Transition Service Workers. Our Gap Worker connects with the many individuals that present in Shelter. The Gap Worker focus is to help “fill in the Gaps” in service, connecting with those that have little or no services who are chronically or episodically homeless or seeking addiction services. Our staff works diligently to successfully provide service. As a strong proponent of Housing First philosophies, the MSP emergency shelter staff and our Transition Workers and Gap Worker continue to support individuals during periods where they are working towards housing as a first step in a plan to build capacity, or possibly re-housing or just maintaining housing. This presents challenges as many have had extended periods of street involvement, homelessness, addictions or untreated mental health concerns. The deliveries of all crisis and shelter supports are based on the most primary principle of client choice. All services are organized and provided based upon meeting these fidelity criteria to the extent possible. For example, as an agency MSP makes every effort to tailor our Housing First services to meet the self-determined needs of each client.
This service is an attempt to ensure that all clients have access to support, including persons identified at Main Street Project as the “gap” group. These may be clients who access crisis services regularly but are not motivated to change their lifestyle in any significant way (pre-contemplative), or clients whom are at the moment wanting to engage in a service relationship. MSP wants to take every opportunity when individuals present readiness for change.
MSP Drop In, Out-Reach and Gap services actively promote a safe and accessible environment for community members, where they can access basic nutrition, resource information and housing referrals, medical support via WFPS paramedics, transportation, and a wide range of other critical needs.
Chemical Detoxification Unit (CDU)

Detoxification Units- 75 Martha & River Point

The MSP Detoxification Units is committed to laying a foundation of trust and partnership with an individual on their journey whether it is to reduce the harm with what, how, or how much they are using or providing support towards lasting recovery. The primary goals of this unit are to provide clients in substance use withdrawal with 24 hour support in a safe and stable environment, and to facilitate awareness and access to available services of value to the individual client following detoxification. From an initial Detox intake, the staff at MSP create a detox care plan that help guide the individual’s recovery. All supports are based on the most primary principle of client choice to reduce the harm they may experience from their drug of choice or support the individual in continuing treatment if abstinence is their goal. All options and recovery tools are spiritual wellbeing. A spiritual caregiver or Elder Services are available for those that choose. Groups and therapeutic activities are facilitated and encouraged and will be balanced while an individual may be coping with physical withdrawal symptoms from solvents, alcohol and/or drugs. To improve our services this year we have provided extensive training for Detox program staff including safe medication support, documentation, crisis and suicide assessment, informed trauma, professional boundaries, community treatment services and more. We have worked extensively on our intake process to decrease barriers for those in need of our service with assistance from our partners. Our agency has worked to create seamless services between the organizations that may have individual mandates but identify a need to serve the client. We have met with partners from other treatment programs as well as community volunteers to help identify services that would benefit the community.
We are busy preparing to meet future needs associated with our River Point Detoxification that opened in August of 2014, operates an additional 22 bed unit, located in the heart of the north end. This was a much anticipated expansion that will significantly enhance access for individuals in need of residential withdrawal support. For the first time MSP will be able to facilitate emergency beds and provide advanced access to services when needed, this may increase individual’s ability to move into other treatment programs.
Our 25 & 22 bed non-medical detoxification centres provide a safe place for supervised withdrawal from the effects of an individual's last substance use episode. The services are provided at no cost to adults who are assessed by a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant to be appropriate for our non-medical setting.

Intoxicated Persons’ Detention Area

Operated in cooperation with Winnipeg Police Service, the Intoxicated Persons Detention Area (IPDA) provides a safe and secure environment for individuals detained under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act.
This 20 unit facility closely monitor individual detainees for up to a maximum of 24 hours, or until such time as they are deemed safe to be released into the community. Video surveillance and 24/7 paramedic support provides on-site assessments and monitoring of those detained in IPDA provide a safe place for individuals outside the justice system. Main Street Projects experienced staff provide clients in need with relevant information on supports available through the Project, as well as a variety of other community organizations. Our Gap worker connects and supports readiness for change to occur.

Mainstay Transitional Housing Program

The Mainstay Residence is a supervised room and board environment which provides short-term accommodation, meals, and a stable environment for at risk adults who are largely disadvantaged, in personal distress, homeless and often chemically dependent. This transitional housing is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, providing support, continuity, and a sense of security to residents. Mainstay's 28 rooms are designed to allow for up to 34 residents at any one time. Residents living in Mainstay are referred through other MSP services or external agencies. Using a Harm Reduction & Housing First framework we work actively with each individual’s transition plans and goals throughout the duration of their stay, residents often transition to safe accommodations, long-term supported housing, substance abuse treatment programs, permanent housing or other situations suited to their personal needs. Mainstay has Transition Services Workers whom provide direct services to all Mainstay clients. These case managers work with all Mainstay residents to assess, educate and prepare them for long term success individually and in the community at large. Transition Services staff focus their efforts in the areas of individualized counselling, client assessment, case planning, and capacity building to be successful in stable permanent housing. Based on MSP experience, this is the most difficult steps for many clients and without support; many clients have a difficult time moving from emergency housing to permanent housing. The lack of permanent housing in Manitoba and housing with supports for those with addictions has the Mainstay residence at full capacity at all times

The Bell Hotel

The Bell Hotel is a Supportive Housing Project, in partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Centre Venture and Winnipeg Housing and Rehabilitation Corporation. This project provides housing with support services for 42 individuals who have experienced homelessness. The Bell Hotel project serves the chronically homeless to a coordinated, focused strategy that effectively transitions them in permanent supportive housing. The solution is focused on the individual’s self-defined success.
The project’s goal is to provide affordable housing with access to support services to assist tenants in maintaining a stable tenancy and addressing a range of needs that have impacted their history of homelessness. Using a Housing First approach, tenants are provided housing and support services, as required, without the requirement that individuals complete treatment prior to receiving housing. MSP feels by focusing on new strategies, implementing systems change and creating permanent supportive housing for the long-term homeless population, we will end these individuals chronic homelessness and for some introduce them back into community when they determine readiness.
Once housed, individuals are assisted to address the underlying causes of their homelessness, which may include; mental health, addictions, trauma, poor rental histories or socialization skills. Once settled weekly contacts are done, goal setting and supportive programing to build successful tenancy. Tenants, once stable are supported in choices to move to other community housing once they are able to identify that they have outgrown their need for support and wish for more independence.
The most critical issue facing all homeless people—the lack of permanent housing— the Bell Hotel project will help this be addressed first. All capacity building services at the Bell Hotel will support and maintain homeless people in this permanent housing.

"Building stability"
Located in Winnipeg, MB, the Main Street Project has been serving the needs of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable residents since 1972.

Opportunities Ahead

Opportunities Ahead is funded through the Homeless Partnering Strategy, the funding from HPS had a significant decrease this year that affected our staffing. Regardless of the cuts to this intrinsic programing for our clients Opps Ahe

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Founded: John Rodgers and Clay Lewis

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